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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It is by Cambria Covell

It breaks your walls
It makes you fall
It makes you dream
It makes you scream
It makes you want to keep on breathing (or stop)
It’s there if the moons up
It’s there if the suns down
It’s a play
It’s a movie
It’s an old photograph
It’s the family’s pet dog or your old stuffed animal
It’s the lyrics to an old pop song you can’t get out of your mind
It’s the ticking of the clock as your waiting for that promised phone call
It’s a note on the fridge reminding you to smile
It makes you believe in things like fantasy, heroes, knights, happily-ever-after and prince charming
It builds you up and tears you down
It’s your friend
Your enemy
Your mother, sister, father, and your brother
It annoys, it destroys
It’s humanizing, equalizing, true, first, fast, broken
Obsessive, sometimes violent, and unrequited
It is the beginning
It is the middle
It is the end
It is love

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