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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happiness by Cambria Covell

Two men stood before me. One was dressed impeccably, in a suit that must have cost a fortune and he was smoking a cigar. The other man was dressed in well worn, humble looking clothes. He had lines on his face, which was tanned from spending so many hours in the sun.
"What do you do?" I asked them both.
The man in the suit smiled. "I work for a firm. I make more money than you could ever imagine. Some of that money I keep and some of it I donate to charity. When I get home I eat dinner by myself, read a book, and then go to sleep."
The other man, the one that was poorly dressed, said, "I'm a farmer. I get up early and I work all day in the fields. By the time I'm finished I'm exhausted but at the end of the day, I sit down to dinner with my wife and family."
"Are you happy?" I asked.
"Yes," they both said.

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