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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Apologies and Coffee by Cambria Covell

The winter wind nipped at her cheeks as she buried herself down into her jacket to keep warm. Her scarf kept on getting blown up in her face much to her annoyance. She had long since given up on stopping it. To make matters worse, her socks were soaked through from her long walk in the snow. Relief filled her when the coffee shop she’d agreed to meet him at earlier came into view.

The girl pushed opened the door. Overhead, there was the sound of a bell jingling announcing her entrance which could still be heard despite the loud, grinding of the coffee beans being crushed by the machine. Lively chatter filled the café which was busy due to the recent cold weather.

Her eyes searched the coffee shop for the boy that she had walked there in the cold to see. He had promised he wouldn’t be late but those promises along with many others were usually empty. When she didn’t see him, she reluctantly went to the counter to order then found a spot in the back to sit down in. She told herself she would only stay for ten minutes then leave if he didn’t come after that because the last time she had waited two hours during which he’d never shown.

She tapped her fingers on the table trying her hardest not to look at the clock on the wall. Just then the bell overhead the door jingled again. Automatically she looked over, prepared to be disappointed.

Only she wasn’t because he was there holding a big, hand written sign with the word SORRY in big, bold lettering. She smiled. All was forgiven.

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