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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bookstores by Cambria Covell

She hadn’t gone into the bookstore looking for anything in particular. It was just that as all book lovers know, it was impossible for her to pass up a book shop when she saw one. Upon entering the jingling sound of a bell overhead announced her entrance which made her smile as did the smell of aging paper and dust.
The store itself was small but endless. It was covered in shelves that lined the walls going from top to bottom with books in every nook and cranny. As she browsed she found titles that were as dear to her as old friends things like Pride and Prejudice, as well as The Great Gatsby, and a copy of Mrs. Dalloway which was so old that its cover was taped together to keep it from falling off.
She reached for a copy of a book that she had never heard of before and was surprised when she pulled it back to find someone there that had also been reaching for the same book. It was a beautiful boy with high cheek bones, dark hair that went into his eyes, and his lips curved into a smile.
“Hello,” said the boy.
“Hello,” she replied, smiling as well because she had a feeling that she had found just what she was looking for.

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