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Monday, December 5, 2011

Love Songs by Cambria Covell

The girl wore a bright yellow sundress with white ballet flats. Her blond hair was pulled back with a black ribbon while the bike she was peddling on was darkly colored with a wicker basket attached to the handle bars. She peddled down the lane with the sun beating down her back as she hummed a tune she had heard on the radio earlier that day. It had something to do with remembering and love.

Behind her, a young boy followed her on his own bike. He had been watching the girl for quite some time in class and wanted to talk to her. He just could never think of anything to say but that day he managed to pluck up the courage. “Adeline!” he called. The girl didn’t hear him though. She was too busy enjoying her bike ride and her head was too filled with love songs.

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