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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just a little champagne by Cambria Covell

“Just a little champagne” by Cambria Covell
The champagne had flowed steadily all night it seemed with a new bottle popping open every minute or so. The jazz singer crooned a sad tune about a girl who had lost her lover to the river, while couples clung together as if they were afraid if they pulled apart the other might vanish. Gay laughter came from hidden corners where secrets were whispered lowly into ears and things were done in the shadows that shouldn’t have been done. Smoke hovered in the air like a blanket covering the room. From a corner a girl watched, observing it all, wishing to take part of it but never having the nerve to. She stayed in her seat with only her glass of champagne and a cigarette to keep her company.
The girl had earlier in the evening accepted that was to be her fate for the night when no one took notice of her despite the new dress she wore and the new hair cut she had gotten.
“Excuse me,” someone said, causing her to look up from the drink that she’d been staring into. Standing there in front of her was a tall, skinny, young man with slicked back hair and a fine suit that seemed to fit him like a glove. “But you seem to be the only one not having a ball tonight. Would you care to dance?” He smiled at her which she whole heartedly returned. Then she took the hand that he held out and let him lead her onto the dance floor.

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