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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In my skin by Cambria Covell (excuse the profanity)

Here I am again sitting on the kitchen floor and I can’t seem to pick myself up
Six feet under once more
Not quite yet because I’m still breathing but sometimes it feels like it
You make me feel lower than low
You make me feel like I’m nothing and you tell me I’m a piece of shit
I shouldn’t take it personally
But you’re permanently in my skin and I can’t shake your words off
They’re tattooed into me and stuck in my head like a bad song
I’d like to make you feel lower than low
I’d like to tell you that you were nothing more but a piece of shit
I’d like you to take it personally
And I’d like to rip every part of you from my skin
I’d like to tell you to go visit the devil who we all know is your old friend
and for you stay where he is buried deep down and lower than low
and I’d like to tell you your nothing more than a piece of shit
But I won’t because you’re in my skin

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