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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My old friend by Cambria Covell

He comes to me when I least want him
He's the taunting voice inside my head
Sometimes he makes me want to give in
I want to agree when he tells me
You're not good enough
You're a failure, a miserable failure
I tell him to go to hell
Then at midnight he comes around again
like a fungus that keeps on spreading
and just won't die
He's cruel, bitter, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth
I love him
I hate him
He pushes me around until I am black and blue
They say I should forget him
I tell them I know
But something inside me needs him
and besides, there is no getting rid of my old friend Doubt
Belongs to Cambria Covell.


  1. Cambria I love it! And the pic above it! Where is that from!


  2. Nicely done,Cambria! Clever how you draw the reader along to hope for strength to be delivered to your heroine and distance to be delivered to the antagonist, just to find they are one in the same.