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Monday, April 11, 2011


Morgan Rowlands never thought she was anything other than a typical sixteen-year-old girl. But when she meets Cal, a captivatingly handsome coven leader, she makes a discover that turns her whole world upside down: she is a witch, descended from an ancient and powerful line. And so is Cal. Their connection is immediate and unbreakable; Cal teases out MorganÕs power, her love, her magick. But Morgan discovers too soon that her powers are strongÑalmost too powerful to control. And she begins to suspect that Cal may be keeping secrets from her . . . secrets that could destroy them both.
When looking for something to read over my spring break, I re-visited a series that I had first found in middle school. It was the book series that introduced me to paranormal romance (not that I knew it was called that then). Anyway upon re-reading the series I fell completely in love with it all over again. Cate Tiernans writing completely immerses you in the story. Despite the magic element, the characters are realistic. They're characters you'd expect to find at a high school but not in a cheesy sort of way. Its the perfect read for fans of Charmed or The Vampire Diaries. Plus they've started to release omnibus editions of the series so you can get three books in one for about eight or seven dollars depending on the store. So if you're looking for a good read check it out.

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